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  • Can I change or cancel my order?
    Our apology, we do not accept cancellations or changes due to the pre-order system.
  • How can I check the size details?
    The sizing varies for each product. Please refer to the approximate length x width of the garment in the size selection column for each product. Example) M (68×50) Please note that even if the same product and the same size, there might be slight differences in the size of each individual product. If you would like to check other details, please contact us.
  • Can I choose a shipping company?
    Our apology, we do not accept shipping company selection. We use Yamato Transport for domestic shipments and EMS for overseas shipments.
  • Do you provide gift wrapping?
    Our apology, we do not provide gift wrapping at this time.
  • How much is shipping fee?
    In Japan, ¥1,000. Overseas, it depends on your country and your package weight. (¥2,800-¥17,100)
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